Cycling Ireland Roadmap – Phase 3 just released and under review to see how it can be applied

Dear Club member,

Cycling Ireland Roadmap – Phase 3 has just been announced.

The club committee are currently reviewing how these guidelines and protocols should be implemented in this club and will provide a further update shortly. 
The Phase 3 Roadmap describes:
  1. Protocols for club training
  2. mandatory usage of a booking system by club members taking part in club activities 
  3. Recommended e-Learning COVID-19 course for club members
  4. Personal Screening Questionnaire for club members in advance of taking part in a club activity
  5. appointing a COVID-19 Liaison Officer
Club training and racing can now return from June 29th once strict protocols are adhered to. Guidelines developed by Cycling Ireland in conjunction with the Sport Expert Group and UCI are available to clubs wishing to organise group training rides and club competitions during Phase 3. A Cycling Ireland booking system has been developed to assist clubs with meeting government’s contact tracing requirements.

Booking System
Club spins are limited to 15 cyclists. 
Participants of training sessions are required to use Cycling Ireland Booking System for all club activities. Government requirement for contact tracing purposes.

When using the booking system Cyclists have to provide:
  1. Cycling Club Name
  2. CI Licence Number
  3. Date of Birth
  4. Date of Spin
  5. Time of Spin
  6. Phone Number 
  7. and acknowledge the following disclaimer:
By checking this box, all members of this booking group agree to abide by all Social Distancing guidelines & maximum group sizes as advised by the Department of Health when attending this reservation.
I/we also agree to abide by advised travel distances from home issued from the Department of Health when attending this reservation.
For more information please visit the HSE website:

e-Learning Course

It is strongly recommended that anyone organising or attending a cycling activity complete the following e-learning COVID-19 Course developed by Sport Ireland –

Self Assessment Questionnaire

Participants of training sessions should complete Self-Assessment Personal Screening Questionnaire

COVID-19 Liaison Officer
If you are a COVID-19 Liaison Officer, you need to exercise ‘due diligence’ to ensure that your club members comply with their duties and obligations
You must ensure that your club has processes and procedures in place to manage risks arising from COVID-19. You also need to ensure those processes and procedures are being followed.
Relevant processes and procedures include:
▪ Filling out risk assessment templates for activities. Where you have risk assessments in place, review them to ensure they are being filled out correctly and are up to date.
▪ Having procedures for consulting with club members
▪ Developing a process for how the club will respond if there is a case of COVID-19 within your club
Full Club Training Guidelines are available at:
If there are any queries in the interim please advise.