Saturday Cycle 20th August departs Dungarvan at 09:30. RSVP if going indicating which Route 1 or Route 2.

The Saturday cycle 20th August is a club day trip departing from Dungarvan from 09:30.

Please be ready to cycle from 09:30 at the Dungarvan Park Hotel. There is some parking next to the hotel. 
There is also free parking available at the Greenway. 

Car-Pooling is recommended. 

Thanks to Alan for defining the following two routes.
Route 1: The Longer Route: 100K with up to 1500m of climbing
Dungarvan, Ballymacarbry, Powers The Pot, Clonmel, Tikincor, Rathgormack, Mahon Bridge, Mahon Falls (Optional) / Lemybrien, Dungarvan. 
Water stop in Clonmel (45K); Food Stop in Rathgormack (61K)
There is an option to tackle the Mahon Falls climb if desired. This will be reviewed on the day. 
Departure time for this route is 09:30
Route 2: The Shorter Route: 80K with 890m of climbing. 
This route overlaps the first route for the first 37K up some of Powers The Pot and then heads directly to Rathgormack and then onwards to Mahon Bridge, Lemybrien and Dungarvan.
Dungarvan, Ballymacarbry, Powers The Pot, Rathgormack, Mahon Bridge, Lemybrien, Dungarvan. 
Food Stop in Rathgormack (47K)
Departure time for this route is 09:45.
There will be differing groups for each route depending on numbers
If you are taking part please reply via WhatsApp or Email indicating which Route.
Alan and Brian