Sunday Cycle 30th May departs WGH NS 09:00. 55K. RSVP if going. COVID-19 Protocols apply. Tips for Group Cycling.

Sunday Cycle 30th May departs WGH National School at 09:00. 
Distance = 55K. 
RSVP if going (Email or WhatsApp)
COVID-19 Protocols apply (see below)
Route Details are available at:

Some tips for cycling in a group are as follows:

The following are a “Top Ten” items associated with cycling in a Group

  1. Follow the Rules of the Road
  2. Communicate hazards on the road to other cyclists in the group using specific hand signals and occasional specific verbal signals
  3. Move in a slow and predictable way within the group and when avoiding hazards, avoid overcompensating movements
  4. Remain Alert, Do not switch off, concentrate on cyclists who are several places ahead of you and what is behind you
  5. Always remain aware of what is going on around you in the bunch and eat and drink appropriately to avoid becoming over tired
  6. If cycling two abreast ride “Handlebar to Handlebar”
  7. Do not Half Wheel or overlap Wheels, the ideal distance of your front wheel is approximately 30cm behind the wheel in front
  8. Follow the instructions of the Road Captains
  9. Be familiar with the following calls: “Car Up”, “Car Back”, “Car Through”, “Roll-Up”, “Steady”, “Single Up”, “Up”
  10. If you wish to leave the group, do so in a safe fashion (e.g. from the rear of the group) and advise others of your intention.
  11. Enjoy the benefits of riding safely within a group (Slip streaming, increased visibility to traffic, load sharing, team work, quicker pace, social interaction).

COVID-19 Protocols

In order to take part in the club spin the following steps are required from all participants:

1.     Complete the Self-Assessment Personal Screening Questionnaire available at the following link:


2.     Note if you answer Yes to any of the questions you cannot take part in the club activity

2.     Reply to Club Secretary (Brian Atkinson) via Email or Club WhatsApp  indicating that you will be taking part

1.     Verbal replies will not be used.

2.     These replies will be used to register participants in attendance using the Cycling Ireland Booking System. The club will do this on your behalf.

3.     It is an Insurance and government requirement for contact tracing purposes. 

4.     The email replies will be also used to pre-assign cyclists to groups. Groups will be 6-8 cyclists in size to avoid congestion at coffee stops. If there are multiple groups these will depart at 5 minute intervals.  Maximum group size is limited to 15 adults. 

5.     Please do not show up to the spin unannounced i.e. without replying via email

3.     Exercise good hygiene before, during and after the cycle

1.     Spitting or clearing your nose during the cycle is not acceptable.

2.     Do not share bottles, food or equipment such as pumps

4.     Maintain 2m social distance at the meeting point, coffee stop and when stopped for mechanicals or punctures.

1.     Currently Coffee stop will be held outside 

5.     Bring a Face Mask to allow entry into shops