Spinathon Saturday 10th Dec in Ross Centra Watergrasshill in aid of Cork Penny Dinners, 8am to 8pm.

Correction: The Spinathon is on Saturday 10th Dec

On Fri, 9 Dec 2022 at 19:11, Brian Atkinson <brian.atkinson03@gmail.com> wrote:
Dear Club Member

The rota for the Spinathon on Saturday 10th is unchanged and as follows:
David Revins and Alan Heffernan start things going from 08:00-09:00 followed by Decky Twomey and Colin O'Neill from 09:00-10:00
The team changes every hour.  
Date Sat 10-Dec-2022
Interval Number Start Time End Time Turbo Bucket
1 08:00 08:30 David Revins Alan Heffernan
  08:30 09:00 Alan Heffernan David Revins
2 09:00 09:30 Decky Twomey Colin O'Neill
  09:30 10:00 Colin O'Neill Decky Twomey
3 10:00 10:30 Patrick Galvin Brendan McMahon
  10:30 11:00 Brendan McMahon Patrick Galvin
4 11:00 11:30 Ellmary Forde Aislinn Hurley
  11:30 12:00 Aislinn Hurley Ellmary Forde
5 12:00 12:30 Seamus Finn Cathy O'Sullivan
  12:30 13:00 Cathy O'Sullivan Seamus Finn
6 13:00 13:30 Cathy O'Sullivan Pat Ryan
  13:30 14:00 Pat Ryan Cathy O'Sullivan
7 14:00 14:30 Brian Atkinson Sean O'Flynn
  14:30 15:00 Brian Atkinson Sean O'Flynn
8 15:00 15:30 Marie MacAree Joanne McHugh
  15:30 16:00 Joanne McHugh Marie MacAree
9 16:00 16:30 Noel Linnane Peter Curtin
  16:30 17:00 Peter Curtin Noel Linnane
10 17:00 17:30 Richard White Peter Power
  17:30 18:00 Peter Power Richard White
11 18:00 18:30 Aidan O'Brien Peter O'Donovan
  18:30 19:00 Peter O'Donovan Aidan O'Brien
12 19:00 19:30 Alan Crowley Nigel Carroll
  19:30 20:00 Nigel Carroll Alan Crowley
Totals     24 24
There will be three Turbos available as follows: 
  1. A Wheel-on Turbo suitable for bikes with Quick Release (Rim Brakes). Please bring your own Rim Brake Bike, Pedals, Shoes and Turbo Quick Release Skewer
  2. A Direct Drive Turbo suitable for Bikes with Disc Brakes (Through Axle), Please bring the appropriate Through Axle, Disc Brake Bike, Pedals and Shoes
  3. A Hybrid Bike with Flat pedals on a Wheel-on turbo will also be available if option 1 or 2 do not suit. In this case you can adjust the saddle height and just bring runners. 
Some items
  • Be at Centra before your designated slot to allow time to get setup
  • The Club Gazebo will be used and the Turbos will be setup within the Gazebo just at the entrance to the store
  • If you are cycling and then collecting, have a tracksuit, hat etc to keep warm
  • Buckets with Cork Penny Dinner Logo will be available. 
  • There will be festive music 
If you are in the vicinity, please call by, to offer support.
Enjoy the day
Nigel and Brian