Predict Your time starts 19:15 sharp Wednesday April 11th

The 2018 series of “Predict your Time” events will start on the evening of Wednesday April 11th.
This event is open to all levels in the Club and is recommended for all levels in the Club. The aim of the event is to predict the time you will require to cycle the circa 14.5 Km / 9 mile circuit which runs from the Roundabout near WGH National School to the Roundabout above Grandons and back.
The event starts at 19:15 sharp. Participants will depart at time intervals e.g. 30 seconds apart. It is recommended you get to the event for 19:00 to register for timing purposes and to have sufficient time to warm-up. The event will be run over six weeks.
The starting point will be near the roundabout close to the National School in Watergrasshill. Parking is either at the National School in Watergrasshill or on the Hard Shoulder near the roundabout close to the National School on the road to Glanmire.
Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday evening.
Rules of the Road apply.
Reply to Donal if going (WhatsApp, Email, Text)
If there are any queries please let me know.