Saturday Cycle 19th Mar is Tour of the Galtees. Departs Firgrove Hotel Mitchelstown 09:30. Distance = 84K. Garmin Connect Route details available. RVSP if going.

Dear Club Member,
The Club Cycle this Saturday 19th March is a Tour of The Galtees. 
The start and finish are in the Firgrove Hotel Carpark on the Northside of Mitchelstown (last roundabout on the bypass). 
Carpool if possible to reduce the number of vehicles involved. 
Meet at 09:15; Be ready to roll at 09:30 from the Firgrove Hotel. 
RSVP if going for numbers (Group WhatsApp or Email) 
The route takes in three Counties, features plenty of views of the Galtees, the scenic Glen of Aherlow, one significant climb “Christ the King”, a water stop in Bansha, a food stop in Cahir and a visit to Ballylooby in memory of Bernard Burke concluding with a 17K flat run to the finish. 
Total distance = 84K
The descent towards Tipperary town should be treated with respect, there is one hairpin. 
Bring hydration and nutrition supplies (e.g. Fig Rolls / Flap Jacks) on the Bike. 
Have your bike in good working order (Tyres, Brakes, Gears checked) with spare tubes. 
There will be two groups or more as required. 
A Support van will not be in place. There will be a spare chain and tyre available. 

Verified Route Details via Garmin Connect are available at:

The route is available publicly and can be downloaded to Garmin devices. 
Ride with GPS Route details are also available at: (these may have minor inaccuracies)
Step by Step Directions consistent with Garmin Connect are as follows: 
No. Distance (km)  Distance (miles) Comment / Directions
1 0.0 0.0 Start at the Firgrove Hotel Car Park in Mitchelstown. Head past the Aldi Warehouse towards Mitchelstown Golf Club on the Limerick Road
2 1.6 1.0 At Mitchelstown Golf Club take the Right bend signposted Limerick
3 10.0 6.3 Turn Right signposted Galbally
4 16.0 10.0 Take a Right turn in Galbally
5 17.0 10.8 Bear Right at the Castle to enter “The Glen of Aherlow”
6 17.5 10.9 Keep Left at the first junction past the Castle
7 21.0 13.1 Enter the village of Lisvarrinane, go straight through
8 24.2 15.1 Go Past the Derelict “Glen Hotel”
9 25.0 15.6 Turn Left signposted “Tipperary 9K”. This is the start of the main climb of the day
10 26.5 16.6 Hairpin turn with Statue of “Christ the King” and panoramic view
11 27.6 17.3 Top of the Climb, start of descent featuring a hairpin. Descend with caution.
12 32.4 20.3 At the roundabout just before Tipperary Town, take the Right onto the L Road
13 33.3 20.8 Take a Right turn at the T junction towards Bansha. Stay on this road.
14 40.0 25.0 Enter the village of Bansha, Water stop e.g. in “Daybreak” Shop. Keep going straight towards Cahir
15 52.5 32.8 At the Cahir Roundabout head into Cahir. (second exit)
16 54.0 33.8 In Cahir take a Right at SuperValu (possible Food Stop) and then an immediate Left signposted Ballylooby
17 54.2 33.9 Take a Left turn away from Cahir, Go Past Cahir Park Golf Club. The Vee is visible in the distance
18 57.2 35.8 Take a Right turn signposted “Ballylooby 4K”
19 61.0 38.1 Enter the Village of Ballylooby, we will now aim to head back to the Old Cork Dublin Road / M8 (towards our right)
20 61.4 38.4 Take a Right turn at the end of Ballylooby village, the other / wrong road is signposted Ballyporeen
21 62.4 39.0 Take a Right turn at the junction with “No Through Road Kilgany Bridge Closed”, “Ballylooby GAA”
22 65.0 40.6 Take a Left (right is signposted Burncourt)
23 65.4 40.9 Take a Right onto a country road
24 66.4 41.5 Take a Left
25 66.8 41.8 Take a Right
26 67.2 42.0 Go through the bridge under the M8
27 68.0 42.5 Turn Left onto the Old Cork Dublin road, signposted Mitchelstown 17K. Stay on this road (R639)
28 84.0 52.5 Finish at the Firgrove Hotel Car Park in Mitchelstown
The Firgrove Hotel have kindly allowed us to use their carpark, so feel free to send some business their way after the cycle. 
After cycle refreshments will be in The Hut Bar with an opportunity to take in the Ireland – Scotland game from 16:45 
Sandwiches will be available to those who have registered in advance with the Club secretary (Cost 3 Euro per person, 15 names, registration closed!)
If there are any queries please let me know.